The Why Behind Icicle Running Retreats

Sometimes I’m trail running with friends, and our shared laughter conceals the fact that we are doing something tough. We’ve chosen to climb up a trail rather than stick to the flat smooth pavement. We might have to huff and puff between stories, but it’s so worth it.


Before we know it, we’ve reached a high point. I have to stop and think, wow, here we are, under these giant pines and the porcelain blue sky, looking down on our mountain valley and Leavenworth nestled in the middle.


The trail, the surrounding wilderness and this shared moment put my life into perspective. I can celebrate blessings, my health, my work and my family. Running affords me this opportunity to get away from the daily routine and quiet my mind. As we descend, the joy of the trail endures. My life feels in balance and then, another day, we hit the trail again.


On just such a run with Erin and Lisa, Icicle Running Retreats was born. First it was an idea. Then we poured our hearts and minds into it and have created an experience to help other women find the bliss of trail running.


At one of our Icicle Running Retreats let us show you how to feel comfortable running through the woods. We’ll share training tips for the challenging terrain and what to bring no matter how long you want to go. We incorporate stretching, yoga and strength training for a full body experience.


We tailor everything to all abilities, and, yes, trail runs can incorporate walking.


The trails will reward you with amazing views, the peace of the mountains and a sense of camaraderie with like-minded beautiful women.


All of this, plus deluxe accommodations and local treats, rolled up into an energizing and relaxing weekend getaway.


Marlene Farrell

Running has been fundamental in my life for over twenty years. I am a passionate competitor and was a member of Seattle Running Club’s Brooks sponsored team for four years. I have raced distances ranging from cross-country to 50 miles. I qualified for two Olympic Trials marathons. Running is essential personal time that I need as a mom of two children. Running on Leavenworth’s trails connects me with the outdoors. I love to share the joy of running and have led a kids’ running club, organized trail interval sessions for local runners, assisted the high school and middle school cross country teams, and also coached skiing, which is the perfect running alternative during Leavenworth’s winters. Running inspires me as a writer. I blog about running and also write articles and children's fiction. More about my writing can be found at and @marlenekidlit.

Erin Pehowski

My family moved to Leavenworth two years ago and we absolutely love it! It has been so fun to discover and explore the surrounding area and trails. I have been a runner for twenty plus years running numerous races from 10ks to ultras. Before moving here I taught middle school health and coached for 17 years including tennis, cross-country, track and volleyball. My background in health and nutrition has been very helpful in my training and coaching.  In addition to trail running I also love downhill skiing, hiking/backpacking, traveling, reading, and spending time with my husband and two girls. I currently work part time at the Icicle Brewing Company and take care of my four year old, making time every week to get on the trails! I hope to share this special place with you at our exciting, fun running retreat!

Lisa Bedard

As a physical therapist since 2002 I have worked predominantly in sports medicine, incorporating my knowledge of strength and biomechanics to recreational interests. I have embraced running all of my life. It has focused my clinical attention to injury prevention through strength, flexibility, and proper shoe selection. I have appreciated the personal quests of road racing, finishing the Boston marathon in 2013 and 2014. Since moving to Leavenworth in 2014 with my husband and two young children, I have enjoyed the transition to trail running for the physical challenge as well as socializing with company in peaceful surroundings. Running fulfills my need for personal time, exercise, and connecting with nature. Outside of running, my time is spent working as a physical therapist in the schools, skiing with my family, enjoying the river, and building our home.